Time to tidy up via the KonMari Method

I was thinking about the last time I read a how-to book. I read a lot of nonfiction, mostly about teaching reading and writing (thanks to my day job), or about food and health (thanks to my weekend job) . But unless I count the manual that came with the new dehumidifier I had to buy this week (thanks to record June rainfalls in Ohio), I can’t really remember reading any how-to books that provide step-by-step methods to tackle a big project.

Tidying/de-cluttering/organizing my house is a big project. How it came to be a big project is beyond me. It’s just me in a smallish, two-story, three-bedroom house. Somehow I filled it up quickly once I moved in. I love my house, but I could love it more. It’s a cute house, and it looks even cuter when it’s neat and tidy. Last year, I thought I would “go through” everything and clean things out during the winter holiday break from work. I got the flu, so that did not happen. Then, I thought for sure I would “go through everything” in the summer, but my various summer teaching jobs got in the way. This past winter holiday break, I couldn’t motivate myself to “go through everything” so it didn’t happen then either. So here I am now, motivated, after reading The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. This uplifting book not only provides guidance on how to “go through everything” and get tidy, it is also full of hope.

Why start a blog about tidying up? 1) I like to write, and it seemed like a fun way to get writing. While I was unmotivated to clean last winter, I did come across this great short article about writing that motivates me to write: http://www.bustle.com/articles/56036-your-literary-new-years-resolution-should-include-more-writing-and-here-are-12-reasons-why  2) Tidying up via the KonMari Method seems like it will be an adventure, and one that I want to get the most out of, especially after reading about how it has changed so many other people’s lives! and most importantly – 3) I have questions, wonderings, reactions about bits of the book that I may be able to get insight on from others who may read this blog and who are also tidying up.

I have not even finished the book yet, but I have a free day, so I’m getting started today on the first category – CLOTHES! I’ve made a huge pile of all my clothes (how could it be THAT huge???) and will momentarily start discarding by asking the ponderous and significant question about each item: Does it spark joy? I also saw that Marie Kondo is on twitter (@KonMarie_Method) and is rallying people who are ready to tidy one category each week starting this week… perfect timing!

My hope (though I’ve never done this before…) is to blog little by little through my process of tidying up my home, and to keep blog posts brief (not as long as this one!). I love the idea of going through this process quickly, and I think I read that Marie said “quickly” could mean six months – did I read that correctly? I want to be quicker than that!